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We Are the Master Plumber

Canada is one of the world’s leading economies. People here have got absolutely no time to put their lives on hold, wait for someone to visit them and fix their household problems.

People don’t even have the time or patience to tell the repairing agencies what exactly the issue is! That’s where fraud and unskilled agencies take advantage of people.

They charge them a fortune and provide absolutely below average service. When it comes to plumbing, the problem is even more severe. Agencies resort to tactics like replacing leaking pipes when not needed and installing an average, low-quality one with zero warranty.

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Struggling with Plumbing Issues? Not Anymore.

Have you also been struggling with such plumbing problems? Well, you have landed on the right page.

R&Z Plumbing is a renowned firm helping Canadians get rid of plumbing issues for over 25 years now. Whether you require septic tank fixes, water softeners, water heater leakage repairs, or any other service, R&Z plumbing is an all in one solution for all your plumbing needs and fixes.

Having been in the market for over 25 years, we at R&Z plumbing have established a wide clientele.

R&Z plumbers believe in providing a lasting solution to your plumbing and heating problems. Priority is to make our customers happy.

No more leaking, no more clogging and no more waiting for the plumbing contractor, We’ve got it all under control.


A North York Plumbing Service You Can Trust

Talking about plumbing issues, it is difficult to find someone whom you consider reliable as well as skilled. Even competent plumbers cannot be trusted as they may misguide you. 

R&Z Plumbing is a renowned and trustworthy North York plumbing services provider. Providing cost friendly services, on time repair, air conditioning system’s leakage repair and drain cleaning services, R&Z plumbing gives you an all in one reliable experience. 

Customer’s satisfaction and on time fixes provide our customers with a reliable and cost-efficient service, making them less worried, more stress-free.


Affordable Plumbing and Drain Services

We at R&Z Plumbing are very concerned about what you invest into a service! Plumbing fixes and repairs can shake your monthly savings schedule badly. Usually, services like septic tank repair, unclogging drains, and water heater fixing cost more than expected. 

At R&Z Plumbing, we are very well aware of the facts above and hence have designed our fixing packages and services in a way that customers will never feel they are paying for something which is not worth their hard earned money. 

At R&Z Plumbing, we quote the cost in advance in as reasonable a way as possible. However, the exact price can be calculated only when we have a look and at the issue.

On-demand response to your plumbing problems, sustainable fixing, and 24-hours availability of our services will never let you think of a plan B. R&Z Plumbing has got it all covered. 

As a well-known North York plumbing services provider, our target is to keep improving our service offerings and provide you a relaxing, cost friendly, fast and long lasting repairs. Plumbing will never be the same costly, time taking, and irritating job. 

R&Z Plumbing has an expert team of plumbers who are available round the clock to help you through any unforeseen issues. Bid adieu to the traditional method of calling and waiting for plumbing contractors to show up or trying to fix your septic tank by yourself! Let us do it for you. 

Join our loyal customer base in Toronto, Scarborough, North York and various other popular Canadian towns and cities. Do not keep delaying any impending leakage and drain issues!

Plumbing & Drain Services in North York