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Emergencies or problems need not always be extravagant. Day to day life challenges us with various household problems, such as a clogged drain or a leaking pain, which are nothing less than an emergency. Stuck with such an emergency? Comptent Scarborough plumbing service by R&Z is there for you!

Plumbing problems have always been an issue, with which one has to deal with a lot of patience and perseverance. Whether you are at work or home, something like a leaking tap or a clogged drainage pipe can become a source of discomfort. 

Gone are the days when residents of Scarborough had to wait for days to get their plumbing system repaired. No need to keep waiting for plumbers from nearby surrounding areas to attend to your issues. One-stop solution for all the plumbing problems is here.

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Reliable Scarborough Plumbing Service Provider 

The Scarborough plumbing services market is ready for the change. A round the clock plumbing service which the residents of Scarborough can blindly rely on is the need of the hour. We, at R&Z Plumbing, understand that and are here to change the scenario with our innovative techniques and latest machinery.

No more tolerating smelly clogged blockings and no more suffering due to stinky, clogged drain pipes. Our high pressure hydro jetting machinery and drain cleaners will make your life a lot easier. 

Waiting, delays, lags, setbacks, and logjams are things of the past now. R&Z Plumbing is everything that it claims to be and is renowned for finishing the work well within the quoted time.

Our expert team of plumbers always makes it a point to satisfy our clients and stay true to the budget, quotation, postfix services, schedule and 24×7 service promise. 

Time is crucial to you and us as well. We deal with all types of sewage cleaning; pipes fix leakage, heater fixes, cooler fixes, and maintenance services. You name it, we got it!


A Plumbing Company You Can Trust

Over the years, R&Z Plumbing has established a wide clientele. Cities like North York, Toronto, and

Over the years, R&Z Plumbing has established a wide clientele. Cities like North York, Toronto, and Calgary have already been witnessing how loyal and trustworthy a team of plumbers we have.

Experienced plumbers having years of experience are onboard with us and there for you 24×7.

No one likes to get some or the other fixing going on in the house every other day. Not only is it noisy, irritating, and disturbing but also an invasion of privacy. Durable solutions with least maintenance is what we all want. R&Z Plumbing is here to do the same.


Flat Rate Plumbing Service

R&Z Plumbing operates upon an up-front pricing model. 

No hidden cost. No mid-work monetary demands. Only service satisfaction. That’s our motto!

We make sure that we quote all the costs involved beforehand. 

R&Z Plumbing plans to cover all the Canadian provinces so that, the Canadian citizens have a reliable plumbing partner just a call away. We look forward to providing the people with a trustworthy and cost friendly option. 

From Ontario to East York, we are here to stay in business. 

Our clients have been our priority and will always be. 

We analyse the feedback provided to us with a lot of attention and dedication. We are always ready to expand our business family. 

Feel free to contact us anytime, anywhere and for anything, we’ve got it all covered. 

Call, text, or email us. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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