New Technology For House Plumbing

“Improve your home and save some money with the new plumbing technology“

Did you know purifying water with chlorine was basically a new concept of indoor plumbing about a century ago? It was considered as new technology at the time. People of that era will no doubt be amazed if they saw the level of modern plumbing today.

Today modern technology and smart-houses are helping plumbing to take another turn for the better. Today with modern technology plumbers can find a damaged waterline with just the use of a remote camera, which are repaired sometime without even having to dig.

Here are some examples of new technology that will make your life much safer and easier.

Less invasive pipe repairs

Replacing pipes has customarily been difficult and very expensive. If the leakage was found behind a wall or a foundation slab, the only answer would be to remove the old pipes and replace them with new once. Today plumbers solve most of these problems with modern technology; the pipes are repaired in place. In a process with multiple steps, they use abrasive blasting to clean the inside of the pipes. After that they use epoxy resin to coat the interior of the pipes this seals and stops the leak.

Another modern technology lets you actually replace the pipes beneath the concrete in a house without having to dig up the floor. A well trained and experience plumber uses entrenched technology and gears to produce a tunnel at the exact position where the pipes have to go. This method is cheaper and it is much convenient and safer than the older methods.

Even with all the presence of all these new technology, the greatest thing householders can do for their plumbing system to work properly is to employ constant maintenance that is to keep your plumbing system updated with annual checks and service this is to prevent damages and breakdowns.

Touch less faucets and toilets

Being able to manage faucets and toilets without getting in contact is very important.

Study from the centers for disease control and prevention show that, germs that are responsible for the flu and other diseases can stay alive for two or more hours on a hard metal surface. People get infected when they touch the surface and come in contact with their nose, eye or their mouth.

“Cleaning your hands is a major step to avoid spreading the germs to other people and getting sick yourself,” according to centers for disease control and prevention not coming in contact with the faucets and toilets is one of the best way to keep your hands clean, toilets and faucets provide provides the perfect surface for germs to grow.

Flood stop technology

Some of the household equipment such as washing machine, dish washer, toilets and water heaters purse as potential expensive water damage if something where to go wrong. Today for rapid detection of water damage, an electronic flooding detector system can be put in these peculiar locations. If there were to be a malfunction of one equipment and water goes on the floor this device will detect it, it stops the supply of water to that particular area.

It is not necessary that you install these devices all over the house. If you can identify the areas of the house with very high risk and install there then that will be fine.

Tankless water heaters

Tankless water heater systems have existed for so many years now, yet not many householders know it even exists. They are they are 50% energy efficient, they are also cost effective. The traditional water heater uses up more energy than the new tankless water heater.

They use heat exchangers to heat up the water. There is a constant distribution of hot water in the house as the water moves thought the exchanger. R&Z plumbing is the leading company in Canada for bringing the technologies and implementing into the houses which is a great idea for the cold winter there.


Thus, with the event of modernization and technological advancements, couple with the numerous advantages of modern house plumbing, I will strongly recommend it for every one of us make use of it.

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